What makes fine wine diférent ?

Not a Sure Thing - Why fine wine really is different 

Matt Kramer
Posted: March 15, 2016


Recently I was doing a signing for my latest book. While scrawling an inscription inside, I was chatting with the person, who waited patiently for me to finish. He flatteringly commented that he had read my columns over the years with enjoyment and then said, “You know, I’ve always wondered what, exactly, makes a wine fine?”

I started to reply by citing features such as finesse and nuance and harmony. But then I stopped. These values, among others such as layers and even a sense of surprise (never mind somewhereness), are all certainly elements that collectively make a wine “fine.” But I stopped because, suddenly, I felt that I was missing the point.

I said, “You know what really makes a wine fine? The root is: It’s not a sure thing.” He looked a bit puzzled, which was understandable. I didn’t have the time to explain it more fully, but I thought it worth mentioning here.

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